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    With a fresh calendar on the wall and all of its empty boxes yet to be filled with to-dos, the start of a new year is naturally an optimistic time. If you’re in the mood for making a few resolutions, why not consider what you can do at home to help enhance your life? Here are some ideas for home resolutions to help increase gratitude, tap into your personal style and make your house a home in 2015 

    1.  Appreciate and savour what you have. Your home shelters you and supports you and your loved ones. Why not make the start of the new year a time to focus on the abundance you already have in your life, rather than things on your wish list? Read books from your own shelves, cook meals from your pantry, listen to music you haven’t played for a while, pull out your favourite old movies, and snuggle under your “favourite blankie”. Appreciate the plenty all around you!

    2.  Take action: Start a gratitude notebook (paper or digital) and jot down five things about your home for which you are grateful right now. Then list 10 things you have in abundance in your home that you would like to appreciate more. Keep your notebook handy so you can add more, and flip through it as a reminder of the abundance of good things in your life.

    3.   Identify what you like. Following your heart and choosing things for your home that you really like can be harder than it sounds. Sometimes it means not buying something until you can track down something better; other times it means ignoring what is “in” when it doesn’t speak to you. Commit this year to paying closer attention to what styles, colours and textures attract you. When you know what you like, you can make better choices and building a home that really feels like you.

    4.  Take action: Walk through your home with a notepad and start a list of the things you would get rid of right now if you didn’t have to worry about what to do with them. Once you’re finished, sit down with a cup of tea and look over your list as objectively as you can— what on the list could you get rid of today? What’s holding you back from letting go of the other items? Get rid of at least one thing on your list today and make a plan to let go of the others.

    5.  Take action: Brainstorm at least five ways your home’s biggest “problem” could be a good thing. Don’t worry if some of the things you come up with are silly — the point is to shake things up and begin to look at your problem from a new perspective. 

    6.   Be brave and change the big picture if you need to. If your living situation is stretching you financially or otherwise stressing you out (maintenance of a large home can be exhausting!) take a step back and consider whether changing where you live could make your life easier. Use the new year as an opportunity to do some bigger-picture thinking about what you want from your home.

    7.  Take your time and revisit your list over the next week until you feel you have a handle on what your next move should be (or not be).

    8.  Promise yourself treats. You deserve them! Little things, like fresh flowers, a fancy bar of soap, a cup of tea or a fresh baguette from your favourite bakery can be a bright spot in an ordinary day. Planning ahead and saving up for the things you really want is a good way to create a home that reflects your tastes.


    Keep an eye out for more tips in and around the house.

    Yours in Furniture….Ros


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